Queen Bey and Hova Go Vegan!

The news is spreading like wildfire: American “royalty” Beyonce and Jay-Z are embarking on 22 days of veganism!

Yes, yes, veganism, vegetarianism, gluten-free-ism… these have all become new “trendy” “diets.” (Of course, none of these things are actually weight-loss methods apart from their limiting food options a bit.) But, as a ten-year vegetarian myself surrounded by fellow vegetarians here at DCBG, I can’t help but do a little happy dance about this! (Also, the two have said that they may incorporate a plant based diet into their usual routines after Christmas – who knows!)

Going vegan is hard so I say good luck to them, but most importantly, as usual with “celebrity endorsements” this will bring a whole lot of attention to the vegan movement – possibly to a brand new crowd, one that Gwyneth Paltrow hasn’t reached yet! And the more attention a food movement gets, the more options become available to the people who follow them. For example, when I first became a vegetarian in Florida in 2003, I couldn’t find a vegetarian restaurant to save my life and there were only Morning Star options at the grocery stores. Now, a simple google search shows me how many vegetarian restaurants there are now scattered around the country, and there are many more veg-meat options at the grocery store than just Morning Star! Just like there are now more vegan restaurants, more gluten-free items everywhere, more options for any mainstream diet choice. So if the young boys in Brooklyn, Chicago, Amsterdam say “hey, Hova’s going vegan, I guess I could give it a try,” then I say, there is nothing wrong with that!

What do you think about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s go at veganism? Are any of you giving the plant-based diet a try? Let us know! We can do a follow-up post on tips for going meatless!

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